Solutions to I.E. Irodov’s Problems in General Physics, Vol. 1

Solutions to I.E. Irodov’s Problems in General Physics, Vol. 1

Abhay Kumar Singh

Vol I/ ISBN: 13: 978-81-265-2076-3 

May 2010/ Price: 299/ Pages: 520

About the Book

Irodov’s   problems are considered the most complex and comprehensive set of problems in terms of concept testing the world over. In fact, some problems combine multiple concepts of physics, which make these problems unique.

Solutions to IRODOV’S Problems in General Physics, available in two volumes, are meant for those dedicated physics students who face the challenge of solving numerical problems, particularly IIT-JEE aspirants. The two volumes provide complete solutions for each of the 1878 problems in IRODOV’s Problems in General Physics.

The solutions presented in these two volumes are crisp, and guaranteed to make you think beyond the box. These books are exactly what you need to establish a strong foundation for discovering the beauty of physics and cracking any entrance exam in India.

 The first volume contains solutions related to the following topics:

  • Physical Fundamental of Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics
  • Electrodynamics

 Salient Features of this Edition

  • Comprehensive solutions for each and every Irodov problem
  • Additional alternate solutions for at least 30% of the problems
  • Explanatory diagrams for 80% problems
  • Answers in SI units in accordance with the rules of approximation and accuracy.

 See Vol II for:

  • Oscillations and Waves
  • Optics
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics

 About the Author

Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh is the Founder and Director of Abhay’s IIT Physics Teaching Centre, Patna, and has had a teaching career spanning nearly two decades. His specialty is physics concepts and problem-solving, which are the two most essential parts of preparation for an IIT-JEE aspirant.

With this edition, the author has tried to fulfill the requirements of the aspirants, while keeping in mind the latest trends and patterns of competitive examinations.

 Table of Contents


PART ONE:  Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics

1.1          Kinematics

1.2          The Fundamental Equation of Dynamics

1.3          Laws of Conservation of Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum

1.4          Universal Gravitation

1.5          Dynamics of a Solid Body

1.6          Elastic Deformation of a Solid Body

1.7          Hydrodynamics

1.8          Relativistic Mechanics

PART TWO:  Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics

2.1          Equations of the Gas State. Processes

2.2          The First Law of Thermodynamics. Heat Capacity

2.3          Kinetic Theory of Gases. Boltzmann’s Law and Maxwell’s Distribution

2.4          The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy

2.5          Liquids. Capillary Effects

2.6           Phase Transformations

2.7          Transport Phenomena

PART THREE:  Electrodynamics

3.1          Constant Electric Field in Vacuum

3.2          Conductors and Dielectrics in an Electric Field

3.3          Electric Capacitance. Energy of an Electric Field

3.4          Electric Current

3.5          Constant Magnetic field. Magnetics

3.6          Electromagnetic Induction. Maxwell’s Equations

3.7          Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields



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